Baltimore | Washington, D.C. Musician Alex W. Young

Alex W. Young carries three million dollars in liability insurance
(documentation available upon request)

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All of Musician Alex W. Young’s Services Are Backed Without Weasel Clauses….

  • Guarantee #1 “Responsive”

    Yes! When you call Alex W. Young he will return your telephone call within 24 hours or less.

  • Guarantee #2 “Keeps the Client Informed”

    Alex will call you the week of the show for any last minute details.

    There is no waiting and wondering “when” the musician is going to arrive. Alex W. Young will give you a time and will be there on time, usually about 20 minutes early in order to introduce himself and get set up for the show.

    He even gives you his unheard of in this industry “comfort call” (this is Alex’s call the day of your event).

    Many musicians usually say, “I will be there before the show time.” Then they do not call or, even worse, they do not show up at all because someone else offered them more money to perform at their event. That is annoying and a total waste of your time. When you hire musician Alex W. Young, he will arrive at the time stated in your agreement.

  • Guarantee #3 “No Burden on the Client”

    Some musicians do not stock their vehicle, meaning that they often rely on you for supplies and equipment, such as extension cords, sound system, a table, et cetera.

    Alex W. Young arrives to your event fully prepared.  You can be sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on your guests.

  • Guarantee #4 “No Price Shock!!!”

    You might experience this with other magicians because some of them charge for “time & materials.” Many musicians want to get paid more, so they quote you an hourly rate based on the scope of their services. This allows them to adjust their fee. Alex W. Young wants your repeat business, so he takes the price shock away with FREE UP-FRONT, NO HIDDEN FEE QUOTES!! His fee is then provided in writing, and he will never upsell his services on-site, or surprise you with additional charges.

  • Guarantee #5 “The Ultimate Guarantee”

    Ask other Baltimore or Washington, D.C. musicians about their guarantee, and you might get a blank stare and maybe, if you are lucky, they will give you their tail light guarantee (Their musical performance is guaranteed until you can’t see the tails lights on their vehicle).

    With Alex W. Young, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If after 12 minutes of the show (his performance), you’re not happy, the guests are not enjoying themselves…just ask him to stop the show (music). No hard feelings. He will refund your deposit, and there will be absolutely no cost to you! On this note, Alex will never book a show when he has any doubt that the venue will not allow him to “rock the house.”


    Alex understands the lifetime value of each customer, and he sincerely wants you to be so satisfied that you tell your friends, family and business associates about how amazing and fun he is! (Most of his business is through referrals).

  • Guarantee #6 “Flexibility”

    Alex guarantees you will not only experience great music, but flexibility and courtesy that will exceed your expectations! Alex understands that event schedules sometimes change without notice. Alex will make all reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure your event is a success. 

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